Countdown to Giving Day 

Matching Fund

The Community Foundation of Collier County and Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation have partnered to create a $500,000 Matching Fund.

The Matching Fund increases the value of every donation. 

How will Community Foundation of Collier County (CFCC) calculate each nonprofit's share of the Matching Fund?

The match begins with a guaranteed match up to $2,500 for all participating NPOs (except CFCC) that raise at least $2,500.  After that, a proportionate share of the remaining match money is used towards any amount raised over $2,500.  The match is made after any credit card transaction fees are deducted from a donor's donation. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Example:  If a nonprofit organization receives at least $2,500 in gifts, that will be matched by $2,500.  If all 37 (No CFCC) participating nonprofits raise $2,500, this will leave $407,500 for the remaining match (not including website and management fees charged against the match). If a nonprofit organization receives 10% of the total amount of money raised over the $92,500, that same nonprofit receives 10% ($40,750) of the remaining $407,500 Matching Fund.

What does a "proportionate share" of the Matching Fund mean?

It means that each nonprofit will receive the same amount per dollar for donations over $2,500 received through on February 21, 2018 - February 22, 2018.

Is the matching a “race”?

No. Each donation received during the 24-hour period starting at 12:00pm (noon) on February 21, 2018, and ending at 11:59am on February 22, 2018, will receive the approportionate share of the $500,000 Matching Fund. It does not matter what time of day donations are received.

Who is the Community Foundation of Collier County?

The Community Foundation of Collier County is a tax-exempt, public, charitable fund, established in 1985 to increase and focus private philanthropy in the area. Today, the Community Foundation oversees more than 670 funds, collaborates with more than 400 nonprofits, holds over $157 million in assets and has distributed more than $112 million in grants to nonprofit organizations and community programs.

Who is the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation?

The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation was founded in 2004 by Best Buy founder, Dick Schulze, as a way to give back to the community. Schulze and his family believe that a good education, a supportive family, and a strong work ethic prepare children for a successful future.

To support that belief, the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation supports education and basic human services, among other types of organizations. It is the vision of the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation to connect in a meaningful way with grantees to make strategic contributions that achieve specific, measurable outcomes.

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