Lighthouse of Collier, Inc.

2685 Horseshoe Drive South, Suite 211
Naples, FL 34104

The mission of Lighthouse of Collier is to foster independence and enhance the quality of life for the blind and visually impaired community as well as their caregivers
Your donation of $100 will allow us to provide a White Cane and one hour of instruction. A ten hour minimum is standard in order to ensure our clients are properly trained. We believe the long white cane is a means to independence and has proved a useful tool to millions of blind people in navigating their environments with confidence and safety. It is a tool which allows people who are blind to travel where and when they want, and as such leads to self-sufficiency. We believe that independence and freedom to travel are so important to the quality of life of blind people that every blind person should have a cane, regardless of ability to pay.
Your donation of $250 allows us to provide five hours of Rehabilitation Computer Instruction involving the use of adaptive or assistive technology to help those who are blind or visually impaired to maintain their current employment and/or lifestyle or to obtain new employment and/or learn new ways to navigate technology and further gain their independence. The client will learn how to perform typical computer operations and be trained in the use of adaptive software that will allow them to use the computer regardless of blindness or visual impairment.
Your donation of $500 will send one child to the Lighthouse of Collier Summer camp for one week. The Lighthouse Summer Camp is a four week program designed to provide children of all ages and their families with hope and confidence that their child who is blind/visually impaired can live a normal, productive and happy life. During the camp, children experience interacting with other children who are blind and visually impaired, enjoy community activities and field trips, learn about public safety, visit local attractions and participate in activities outside of their home and school environment. The Expanded Core Curriculum used at Lighthouse of Collier focuses on helping children with the following: compensatory skills, such as communication modes; orientation and mobility; social interaction skills; independent living skills; recreation and leisure skills; career education; use of assistive technology; self-determination; and visual efficiency skills – all of which help children feel safe in a sighted world.
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